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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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Feedback from Stephanie – Feb 2013


1.       Reservation process and pre-departure communication–Jo was easy and wonderful to work with regarding questions and issues on booking before the trip.   It was not an easy travel day for me to Belize and then my mishap with Tropic Air and missing luggage.  But Jo and Polly were very helpful.  Thank you to Jo for rescuing my checked luggage from Tropic Air and checking me into the hotel on Sunday night (while I was missing).    Thank you to Polly and Roland for making sure my luggage made it to ReefCi on Tuesday so I could use my own dive vest/gear (even though I know you had to change the dive schedule a little for the day).   Oh yes…Thank you for booking and introducing me to the Blue Belize.   I really enjoyed my extended stay there after diving.    What can I say….I love PG now!


2.       Accommodation.   It is Island luxury.  Very comfortable accomodations.   Really everything you need for five days of diving and reef conservation.



3.       Meals.    What can I say but THANK YOU!   I can’t believe that you made me the cake and the birthday party.    It was a very special day and birthday this year… I will always remember.   



4.       Conservation training.   I was surprised to learn so much in just a few days and it made me want to learn more (and do more conservation volunteering/work).   It is great that you take the time between your work and the diving to teach us.



5.       Dive training (please specify which courses you took, if any).   I did not do any dive training on this trip.   I was certified two years ago and only had 6 dives before this trip.    I am still working through some anxiety issues with depth and breathing but Polly and Traci were patient and I was able to get the first dive under my belt (78 feet in fact) and was fine after that dive.    So now have 13 dives (including a night dive) and looking forward to working on my Advanced Open Water and maybe even some underwater photography.



6.       Diving/Snorkeling.    A good variety of dives and locations.



7.       The ReefCI team.   Wonderful….everyone was so friendly and easy to work with



8.       What did you like best about your time with ReefCI?  Why?    It was the whole experience from the ReefCI team to the other guests in our group.    Everything seemed to just work smoothly from day to day.    Traci sums it up the best…perfect dive days and what more could you want. Morning dive….eat breakfast, early afternoon dive….eat lunch, afternoon dive…relax/enjoy sunset….eat dinner.    And all with great company.



9.       What could use improvement?   More dolphins and turtles…oh well guess I will just have to come back and stay longer for this request.   Oh yes…butterfly bandaids for your more accident prone guests as myself.  



10.     Any other comments:    Throw a coconut or two for Spot this week from me!