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We reopened 11/1/20 and need your help. Join us for a marine conservation experience of a lifetime!


Archive: Aug 2013

September Special – Huge discounts!!

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1 Week and so much to say!!!

“Loved our stay at Tom Owen’s Island. The staff was amazing, and always appeared to enjoy their job. They provided many enjoyable things to do, like lion fish dissection, fish filleting, coconut eating, fishing, free diving, bon fires, live music, and more. We were never bored. Adrienne did a fabulous job at providing meals and snacks. Even the…

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A Visitor 2:30 a.m. in the Morning at Tom Owens!!

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Island Beach Clean Up

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Fun time was had by all at Tom Owens Island

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Join the Party – Newsletter!

Join the celebrations! Have you ever been to a Caribbean Carnival?? Always wanted to be on a float in a street parade?? Come and party Belizean style and celebrate 21st September, Belize Independence day, on the ReefCI Lionfish float! The Independence day celebrations coincide with our month long lionfish derby. You can help us catch…

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4 Weeks- 4 groups- New Friends Pics By Katarina & Mitja Brus

9402075887_1744272bbf_z9400810315_cf5cf803e4_z9400808115_84803cd849_z9400807635_6ba935db18_z9400805159_a732f4951a_z9402075959_96d3641df4_z Read More »