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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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New Year Newsletter!!!

Reducing Our waste for 2014

The tinsel is away, the christmas lights are down and 2 weeks into the new year most people have already broken their new years resolutions!!!! BUT NOT US AT REEFCI!!!

We are reducing our use of plastics!

We have stopped buying plastic water bottles and soda bottles!! All sodas are bought in recycled glass bottles!

We are asking all guests to bring a re-usable water bottle that can be re-filled from our gallons of purified water.

We have significantly reduced our usage of plastic carrier bags in favour of re-usable shopping bags and crates! We are also asking our guests to bring and leave re-usable bags.

We are asking guests to bring dry bags for valuables and electronics, which reduces our need for trash bags on the boat!!

And this is just the start! Watch this space or email [email protected] for further details!

2014, a fun year ahead!!


2013 was a fabulous year for ReefCI! Ten years old and what a way to celebrate… being “Highly Commended” at the World Responsible tourism awards!!

Onwards and upwards for 2014!! And here are some important highlights and dates for your diary!!

March – June is official whale shark season, however for the past few years we have seen them right through to September. Visit around the full moon to give yourself the best chance!

May is the Chocolate festival of Belize, a fun 3 day event held right here in Punta Gorda, Toledo. At the beginning of June ReefCI hold the specialist photography weeks and at the end we all head to Placencia for the annual Lobsterfest!

We host a number of student groups in July, and August sees the return of our 4 week intern program. September is Lionfish month where we focus on making a huge dent in their numbers, not to mention a very special wedding!!

We close for the month of October reopening in time to enjoy the vibrant and colourful Garifuna celebrations in November and the International Battle of the drums! Then, before we know it we are back to Christmas and New Year!! How exciting!!!

“Its Unique!”

“This isn’t the sort of thing you can do elsewhere!

Considering the remoteness of the island and the small number of clients you can handle, you keep your prices reasonable.

We got diving, dive training, snorkeling, spearfishing, hand line and rod fishing, training on cleaning conch, lobster, and lionfish in addition to conservation and fish ID education.”


Han & Matt, 2013

“I liked the remoteness of the island, the exclusive dives and that I could learn so much about marine biology, Adrienne’s food was also a big plus!”

Marie, 2013

“Honestly, I love going to the island. Polly is an amazing woman with the organization that she created. It is always nice to watch her manage things and listen to her stories. The staff is dedicated, efficient and fun.”

Lindsey, December 2013