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More great feedback – Paul Higgins

Oh geez, I can’t believe it’s over a month since I got back. My supply of Marie Sharp’s is running low.


1.       Reservation process and pre-departure communication

This was excellent and very straight forward. Everyone I spoke to or emailed was super responsive and helpful in booking the tropic air flights, hotels, and guidance for the BZE airport.


2.       Accommodation

Wonderful. I stayed in a cabana, and even during the wind storm we had it was pleasant and dry.


3.       Meals

Everything was delicious, especially the journey cakes, fry jacks, and beans.


4.       Conservation training

Awesome! Loved learning to identify the fish and conch survey. A bit disappointed we didn’t get to do the more rigorous line survey, but that was due to weather only.


5.       Dive training (please specify which courses you took, if any)

I took the OW and AOW with Simon. He’s a pro, and I really appreciate his teaching style. It’s serious when needed, and he helped practice the techniques in a way that was very relevant to the conservation dives we were doing.


6.       Diving/Snorkeling


More! Also enjoyed spearing the lionfish. Lobster Pot was my favorite spot.


7.       The ReefCI team


Everyone was great and very friendly, ready to chat and play volleyball.


8.       What did you like best about your time with ReefCI?  Why?


The dives. I’d never been diving before, and I had no idea what to expect. I got to see my favorite non-cetacean animals and tons of things I didn’t even know existed.


Any other comments:


I had to get a thesaurus to find synonyms for awesome. It was a great experience and I hope I’ll be able to come again.


-Paul Higgins