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Another great review – James Wood Jan 2014

1.       Reservation process and pre-departure communication


The involvement in this aspect from ReefCI was really impressive. It was very useful to have been helped with this. Jo needs a special mention here!


2.       Accommodation


I found the accommodations to be great, I enjoined staying in the cabanas, even in the bad weather! The view was incredible.


3.       Meals


The meals were great. I tried a few foods I had not eaten before so that was exciting. I had no issues any all with the meals!


4.       Conservation training


I found this interesting and informative. This inspired interest in these issues.


5.       Dive training (please specify which courses you took, if any)


My last dive was quite some time ago. Simon helped me by doing a refresher dive, this was very useful and I quickly got back into the swing of things.


6.       Diving/Snorkeling


I loved the driving, it was very enjoyable. The water is a nice temp and was clear during my stay. The night dive was VERY interesting. I had an issue with my mask leaking, Simon quickly provided another for the next dive. I think this was more my needing to shave my face properly. lol


Snorkeling was great, there is a lot to see. I only went once but i really enjoyed it!


7.       The ReefCI team


I found the ReefCI team to be very welcoming and personable. Each person I met brought something to the table. I could not have asked for a nicer group. You all really made me feel at home, and this really helps the experience. Everyone proactively wanted to know if there was anything at all they could fix or make better. I really felt you all did a fantastic job!


8.       What did you like best about your time with ReefCI?  Why?


This experience you have created, being on an island far away from the mainland. The diving here was interesting. Because its so far away I assumed there would be very few other people/tourists, and I was right. I enjoyed being disconnected while there. Again the ReefCI team was absolutely worth a mention in this section.


9.       What could use improvement?


This is a tough one. I really didn’t find myself feeling disappointed over anything. I think I once thought the cabanas could use a curtain or something, but then i just hung a towel on the line inside and that was the end of that.


10.     Any other comments:


I will absolutely be telling other people about my experience and recommend then to come visit. And i will visit those sites and leave feed back as well.


I will definitely come back. Its difficult to manage going back to places you really like when you want to be adventurous and go to new places, but this experience has left me wanting more!