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Archive: Apr 2014

Lionfish Jewellery update!

cover photo by Danny Hunn Photography Lionfish jewellery!!!! Fancy wearing a pair of these beauties? Not only will you look stunning but you will also be part of a very important conservation movement. Helping to eradicate the invasive lionfish from our waters whilst raising awareness!! ReefCI need your help!! We are taking our lionfish jewellery,…

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ReefCI doing amazing stuff with Lionfish!

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP WITH THE LIONFISH INVASION?? EDUCATE YOURSELF on the invasive lionfish and the devastating effects they are having on our reef! Then, help educate others!   ReefCI recently started a community outreach program in local primary schools. The main focus is to educate the children about this fish and its…

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Lionfish statistics Year to Date 2014

2,340 invasive lionfish removed from our waters!! 200 of which have been dissected, analysed and data recorded. The battle continues… Come join us!!  

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Lovely feedback from recent guest Michelle!

Excellent communications from the beginning, even before decision was made to come and all questions in-between. Jo has patience for sure! The Conservation training delivered excellent Information, Jason is well educated but very good at teaching and holding interest of different people at different levels of interest. Simon and Tracy as well.  Was a good…

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