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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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ReefCI doing amazing stuff with Lionfish!


EDUCATE YOURSELF on the invasive lionfish and the devastating effects they are having on our reef! Then, help educate others!


ReefCI recently started a community outreach program in local primary schools. The main focus is to educate the children about this fish and its long term effects on the already fragile marine ecosystem! Get them young we say!


BOOK A LIONFISH TRIP: ReefCI operates all year, with the exception of October. This means that you can learn to spear lionfish any week you visit ReefCI. If you want to totally immerse yourself in everything lionfish then visit in July when we are running our next “Lionfish Special”.


Join our LIONFISH WEEK in July!

Sign up for our Special Lionfish week starting Monday 14th July for everything lionfish related!!


Spear them, dissect them, analyse them, eat them, record them, and help dry their spines for the jewellery project, then wear them!!!!


Also, join the ReefCI raffle for your chance to win a 50% discount on a Lionfish spearing trip!!! Simply enter your details on our facebook tab, follow this link for further information:


Please share with your friends, family, colleagues and dive buddies. Help us spread the word!!!




The figures are out! The Belize Department of Fisheries are impressed!



During the first quarter of 2014, our ReefCI staff and guests have removed 2340 invasive lionfish!!


Over 200 Lionfish have been dissected, analysed and the data recorded. Take a look at our Marine Scientist, Tracy Allen’s graph for an overview of our findings. Want to come help us???