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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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Lionfish Jewellery update!

cover photo by Danny Hunn Photography

Lionfish jewellery!!!!

Fancy wearing a pair of these beauties? Not only will you look stunning but you will also be part of a very important conservation movement. Helping to eradicate the invasive lionfish from our waters whilst raising awareness!!


ReefCI need your help!! We are taking our lionfish jewellery, and lovely local jewellers, to the next level and need a catchy slogan to accompany the product! Send through your thoughts and the winner will receive a pair of specially commissioned lionfish earrings!

Email [email protected] with your entry, and the more creative the better!!


Want to be a record breaker??

ReefCI currently hold the record for the largest and heaviest lionfish caught in Belize!! And here is Tracy, our lovely Marine Scientist and instructor who holds our record for the most lionfish removed in one dive!!

We remove the invasive lionfish all year round but if you want to focus on all things lionfish related we still have a few places available for our Special Lionfish week starting Monday 14th July!! Spear them, dissect them, analyse them, eat them, record them, and help dry their spines for the jewellery project, then wear them!!!!

And this could be you, our new record holder………


Also, there is still 1 week left of the ReefCI raffle!! Join us for your chance to win a 50% discount on a Lionfish spearing trip!!! Simply enter your details on the “Lionfish Belize” tab on our facebook page, follow this link for further information:

Please share with your friends, family, colleagues and dive buddies. Help us spread the word!!!


“An all round 5 star experience!!”

“I’ve been diving over most of the Caribbean for 7 years now, and I have never been diving with safer, more fun, or more knowledgeable instructors/staff than here on Tom Owen’s with ReefCI.

I learned more, and experienced more hands-on work in the 4 weeks I spent with ReefCI, than I have with any other PADI instructors at multiple facilities.

Not to mention, these rates, are the most affordable you will ever find (both in the states, and in the Caribbean).


Now for the diving…. Hands down some of the coolest diving I have ever experienced. From the shallow snorkelling, to the deeper wall dives, and everything in between, there is ALWAYS something interesting to see/study and it NEVER gets old.

Being able to participate in the surveys and lion fish spearing is also very, very cool. It feels great to be able to dive such a beautiful reef system, while at the same time, doing your part to protect it.

ReefCI is an excellent organization and I highly recommend it, especially for those that have never been diving and would like to give it a shot! I almost forgot to mention…the food is AMAZING!!!!!”

Harley Decker, March 2014