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Steve’s island review!!

This is Steve’s feedback after his second trip to ReefCI. This time he visited for 1 month and completed his divemaster course!! He is pictured here with our lovely instructors Simon and Tracy!

1.       Reservation process and pre-departure communication

simple and well handled


2.       Accommodation

simple but ample with lots of charm and wildlife.


3.       Meals

wonderful food and plenty of it (lost 5 kg though, go figure…chuffed)


4.       Conservation training

Good training and after 4 weeks, even for the hard of learning like me I was learning a lot.


5.       Dive training (please specify which courses you took, if any)

Divemaster course was rigorous and thorough. being taught to do the job not just pass the course.


6.       Diving/Snorkeling

excellent diving, even in tough conditions when shore dives were our only option. Snorkelling for whale sharks….epic…..never gets old.


7.       The ReefCI team

Great team…all underpinned by the great work back in the office.


8.       What did you like best about your time with ReefCI?  Why?

early morning sunrises, setting up the kit and discussing the days plans….then having fruit and coffee in a hammock and its still only 6:30 !!


9.       What could use improvement?

Cosmo (island dog)needs counselling and definitely not as suited to Tom Owens as Spot.


10.     Any other comments:

Cant wait to come back !