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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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The great feedback keeps on coming!!

Terrys feedback from a recent trip!

1.              Reservation process and pre-departure communication

Flawless – All of my e-mails were answered promptly.  All of our questions were answered.  Easy!

2.              Accommodation

These accommodations would not suit everyone but I loved them.  I enjoyed the openness and not worrying about locking everything.  The rooms were cleaned daily which was nice because of the sand.  It was such an adventure!

3.              Meals

The meals were wonderful.  Alex and I brought snacks because we were afraid we would not like the food.  We took most of the snacks home with us.  I loved the fact that food was put on the table and that is what you ate.  My only recommendation would be to give smaller portions to those who wanted them.  I felt wasteful when I could not finish all of the food on my plate.  They said Spot ate the leftovers but there is only so much a dog should eat.

4.              Conservation training

The conservation training was awesome, it added so much to the experience.  Having some understanding of what we were seeing and how the ecosystem worked made the dives much more interesting.  I teach a general statistics class to college freshman and I asked Jason to send me the data that has been collected to use in my class.  Yesterday in class we had a discussion about how the lion fish were affecting the Caribbean. Clearly everyone feels passionately about  conservation and that showed in their work the training.  If we were not so tired at the end of the day I would have liked to had more talks.

5.              Dive training (please specify which courses you took, if any)

I was qualified when I came however it had been many years since I had been diving.  I had a few issues and Tracy was amazingly patient, never making me feel foolish or a bother.  My daughter took the open water course.  I will forward this e-mail to her and she can tell you about it.

6.              Diving/Snorkeling

Alex and I snorkeled around the island and it was wonderful.  We would have liked to had a chance to do that again but the wind kicked up.  The diving was wonderful, could not have been better, except maybe seeing a whale shark.


7.              The ReefCI team

I can’t say enough about everyone on the team.  Jo did a great job helping us get registered and making sure all of the plans were in place.  Tracy and Simon were wonderful and patient instructors.  Jason was a great dive leader, very knowledgeable and passionate about the area.  Snake did a wonderful job with the boat, especially on the way back in rough water ( at least rough for me).


8.              What did you like best about your time with ReefCI?  Why?

I really felt the passion of everyone associated with the organization for what they were doing.  It is always inspiring to be around people who feel strongly about what they are doing.  I really liked learning about lobster and then going out to measure them, same with the conch.  Discussing a topic and then going out to do something involving that topic is the best way to learn.  I really enjoyed that.


9.              What could use improvement?

I honestly cant think of anything.


10.          Any other comments:

We had a few weather issues which stopped us from diving for a day however Stacy and Simon worked really hard to get my daughter qualified before we left.  We truly appreciate the effort they put out to get her complete, she was VERY excited.