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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

Responsible Eco-Tourism Policy

ReefCI is a marine conservation organization focusing on protecting and maintaining the marine environment while offering eco-tourists a unique marine conservation experience. Working with local NGO’s and government departments, we help to ensure that marine life is available for future generations. We are dedicated to ensuring that our impact is always positive and never damaging.Responsible-Tourism Picture

ReefCI’s Environmental Conservation Policy

ReefCI is a marine conservation organization with a primary focus on protecting the marine environment. To promote this, we encourage:

  • Buying locally
  • Use of rainwater as a primary water source
  • Use of refillable bottles for drinking water
  • Careful disposal of litter and recycling where possible
  • Minimizing waste
  • Discouraging activities that damage the environment
  • Use of website and emails to reduce paper wastage
  • Use of bicycles for staff and guests

ReefCI’s Economic Policy

ReefCI both directly and indirectly contributes to the local economy. Our guests contribute just by visiting a non-tourist area. They spend money in local bars, shops, restaurants and taxis. 80+% of the price paid by our guests is spent in country and we always work with locally owned businesses where possible. The majority of our employees are nationals from the host country of Belize.

ReefCI’s Cultural Awareness and Social Policy

We aim to benefit the local community. It is important to ReefCI to help sustain a healthy environment where both people and nature can thrive. To aid this process, we educate and train our staff, guests, stakeholders, and suppliers to:

  • Understand and respect local cultures and customs
  • Get involved with local communities
  • Buy locally and support local business
  • Buy regional and seasonal produce

Eco-tourism should benefit the local people and culture, and can be used as a tool to alleviate poverty. ReefCI has developed community programs for young people who have little or no opportunities in life. The programs include training to professional PADI Dive Master qualification and marine biology internships.