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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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Simon and Louisa’s feedback from Apr 2013

The food was hot, wholesome & tasty. Especially the Lion fish meals.

The diving was excellent. 3 dives a day was perfect. The sea was warm & clear. Thoroughly enjoyed the boat dives.

The team  all have the ability to put us at our ease in an unfamiliar surrounding. Relaxed, professional and above all, great fun. We feel we experienced our dream holiday with friends, rather than instructors and holiday reps

In the most beautiful location, with incredibly good weather we undertook to learn a new & challenging activity. All of this is true, but the real reason that we enjoyed our time with you so much was the patience and good humour of the island staff. Polly, Roland, Simon, Steve, Kaylee, Tracy and all the guys behind the scenes were absolutely first class. What a team you have. My special thanks and appreciation must go to Steve who took so much time and trouble to ensure that Louisa and I had everything that we needed to enjoy our holiday to the full.