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We can’t protect the ocean without you!

We know how important it is to you and your loved ones to preserve the oceans and coral reefs for generations to come. ReefCI is working hard to protect diverse marine ecosystems and to secure thriving oceans for the millions of marine life that call it home.

But we cannot do it without you. Will you join the community of people who care about the future of our planet’s oceans?  Our donors and volunteers are the change they wish to see in the world and ReefCI makes that possible.

All donations help us with our conservation initiatives. Most importantly, donations help us with our Lionfish program. ReefCI is doing more work with Lionfish than any other organization in Belize. Last year in 2016, we  removed over 7,500 invasive Lionfish and dissected and taken crucial data from over 500 Lionfish!!!

You can donate to ReefCI here to help save and protect the oceans we love.