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ReefCI sustains ourselves primarily through citizen science; however, we always struggle when it comes to new equipment upgrades to our boats and unexpected maintenance issues.

We wish to thank the estate of the late Ulf Rasmussen for their recent generous donation. This will help us purchase new dive equipment, a new compressor, and with the reporting of our survey results. This can include attendance at professional meetings, publication of reports, updating our website, and anything else that will provide people with ideas of what we are doing.

We want to thank Sheri and Jeff Tonn for facilitating the donation.

ReefCI also want to thank all Salesforce employees who have made donations.

All donations help us with our conservation initiatives. Most importantly donations help us with our Lionfish program. ReefCI is doing more work with Lionfish that any other organization in Belize. To date this year, we have already removed over 7,500! ReefCI guests and staff have dissected and taken crucial data from over 500 Lionfish!!!

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You can donate to ReefCI here to help save and protect the oceans we love.