About Belize

Belize is a hidden gem in the heart of Central America. Nestled just south of Mexico and east of Guatemala on the Caribbean Sea, Belize is only a short flight from the United States.

Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize gained its independence in 1981 so it is still a developing nation. It is a small country, only 8866 sq mile (23,300 sq km), 174 miles (280 km) long and 68 miles (109.5 km) wide and has a population of less than 400,000 people.

Belize has a yearly average temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 Celsius) and humidity is also fairly consistent around 85%. The sea always remains warm, with an average between 75 degrees and 82 degrees. Nestled on the Caribbean Sea, Belize benefits from cooling sea breezes making the climate pretty much perfect!

The official language is English and the majority of the citizens read and speak English fluently, making it a perfect holiday/vacation destination. Creole people speak their own ‘pigeon’ dialect as well as English, and Garifuna is spoken in the south. Spanish is the first language in the north and in some towns in the west. Other languages are Mayan, Chinese, Mennonite German and Hindi, making it a true melting pot of not only languages but also cultures.

The Belizean people are very friendly and polite. Travelers feel welcomed and comfortable and lots of locals, especially in Placencia where ReefCI is based, love to talk to tourists and hear all about other countries.

Unlike lots of developing nations Belize has an anti-harassment law which is extremely refreshing. People may try and sell baskets, jewelry etc, but will not overly harass tourists and are extremely polite about it.

The Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the second largest in the world and boasts an incredible spectacle of marine life.
Come take a ReefCI trip and experience beautiful Belize for yourself.

About Placencia

Placencia is a gorgeous emerald peninsula in southern Belize with 16 miles of sandy beaches. The Caribbean Sea is to the east and the charming Placencia lagoon lies to west looking to the mountains on the mainland. Placencia is essentially divided into two parts: south of the airstrip and north of the airstrip. The entire peninsula can be easily navigated on a beach cruiser bike. The busy part of Placencia lies in the south where the visitor will find the greater concentration of coffee shops, bistros, internet cafes, the harbor, guest houses, taxi and bus station, banks and local restaurants.

The northern portion of Placencia includes the Garifuna village of Seine Bight, is less densely populated and has many of the more expensive resorts. Because of its distance from the reef , it also has “real’ though not very high surf. The water is clean and clear; the trade winds gentle and cooling. There are few sights more calming to the spirit than a Belizean sunset on a deserted Placencia beach.

The Island: Tom Owens Island, Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve

Tom Owens Island is a beautiful, idyllic remote private island that is part of the Sapodilla group of islands, located in the South of Belize.

Tom Owens island,situated 20 miles from the mainland on the outer reef, is a true ‘castaway’ coral caye island – accommodation and facilities are rustic with a few home comforts thrown in!

The island is about 1½ acres and has a large living area, great views and lots of hammock space. All of our guests upon arrival tell us that the photos do not do the island justice! It really is a perfect Caribbean paradise.

Accommodation is in private waterfront cabanas, all with amazing views overlooking the stunning Caribbean ocean. The individual cabanas are basic but comfortable and have shared or private bathroom facilities.

There are also double en-suite rooms available for couples.

We have our dive kit room, a small volleyball court, kayaks for guests to use free of charge and excellent snorkeling around the island.