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About Us

Meet Our Team

Anthony Saner, ReefCI Director


Anthony is the Director of Reef Conservation International.  He believes the ultimate goal of ReefCI is to preserve and manage the Belize Barrier Reef for generations to come by inspiring, educating, and encouraging change via our volunteers.  Our volunteers are the change they wish to see in the world and ReefCI makes that possible.

Anthony is an environmentalist and a teacher who is passionate about protecting the environment and educating others about the natural world.

Anthony has two passions that have guided him throughout his life– environmental protection and education. As a wildlife biologist he worked on endangered species projects in several western states of the USA, from the cute and cuddly endangered pygmy rabbit to the majestic but critically endangered Mexican Wolf. As a teacher, Anthony has taught countless students and enjoys sharing knowledge about our fascinating natural world and various cultures. He has a B.S. in Fish and Wildlife Conservation from Oregon State University, a B.A. in History and Masters in Education from the University of Kentucky.

Willie Caal, ReefCI Manager



Willie has a lifetime of passion for the ocean.  He has a B.S. in Nature Resource Management from the University of Belize and years of experience in the field of marine conservation. Willie is ReefCI’s general manger, science coordinator, marine biologist, and PADI Dive Instructor. Willie has been working for ReefCI since 2015 and is a great asset to our non-profit/NGO.

Prior to ReefCI, Willie worked as a community researcher at Toledo Institute of Development and the Environment (TIDE). He was active within the research and monitoring department, regularly taking part in the marine program within the Port Honduras Marine Reserve in Southern Belize, surveying coral, fish, and commercial species.  Willie also worked with the Belize Fisheries Department and Belize Coastal Zone Management in research and monitoring throughout Belize.

Willie was born in Punta Gorda in southern Belize. He comes from a fishing family, his dad and all his brothers are fishermen; however, Willie has chosen a different path.  He is passionate about the ocean and made a decision to help protect what he loves.


ReefCI’s PADI Dive Instructors and Marine Conservation Educators

Luis Castillo

a man standing on a boat in the water

Doren Leslie

a person standing in front of a palm tree

ReefCI’s PADI Dive Masters and and Marine Conservation Educators 

Sam Chavin

a little boy that is standing in the street

Alfredo “Mike” Cal

a man standing in front of a tree posing for the camera

ReefCI’s Chefs

Alex Bennett

a person standing in front of a palm tree

Gladys Marinez

a person standing in front of a palm tree and water

ReefCI Boat Captains

Bert Eiley

a man standing next to a palm tree next to a body of water

James Logan Jr.

a man standing next to a body of water

Island Staff

Lilly Caal

a person standing next to a palm tree next to a body of water

Omar Garcia 

a man standing next to a palm tree

Carlos Reyes

a man standing next to a palm tree next to a body of water