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We reopen 11/1/20 and we are looking forward to continuing the good fight upon our return. Join Us!

About Us

Meet Our Team

Anthony Saner, ReefCI Director


Anthony is the Director of Reef Conservation International.  He believes the ultimate goal of ReefCI is to preserve and manage the Belize Barrier Reef for generations to come by inspiring, educating, and encouraging change via our volunteer citizen-scientists. Our volunteers are the change they wish to see in the world and ReefCI makes that possible.

Anthony is an environmental conservationist and a teacher who is passionate about protecting the environment and educating others about the natural world.

Anthony has two passions that have guided him throughout his life– environmental protection and education. As a wildlife biologist he worked on endangered species projects in several western states of the USA, from the cute and cuddly endangered pygmy rabbit to the majestic but critically endangered Mexican Wolf. As a teacher, Anthony has taught countless students and enjoys sharing knowledge about our fascinating natural world and various cultures. He has a B.S. in Fish and Wildlife Conservation from Oregon State University, a B.A. in History and Masters in Education from the University of Kentucky.

Frank Hachmann, Director of Marine Sciences and Operations Manager


Frank is dedicated to making the spectacular dive destinations of Belize an exciting and magnificent adventure for our volunteers. Spending most of his time on the island, he tends to all day-to-day operations activities while doing his utmost to provide a unique and relaxing experience in a welcoming and safe environment.  He is passionate about the great outdoors of Belize and its marine environment, as well as the preservation of its natural and cultural heritage.

Born and raised in Germany, Frank graduated from the Technical University Munich with a degree in “Natural Resource Management” (B.Sc.) before earning a Master’s Degree in “Sustainable Tourism Management” (M.A.). Moreover, he is a certified Open Water Scuba Instructor with diving experience in Portugal, Indonesia and Honduras.

Frank is dedicated to providing an extraordinary, educational, and fascinating experience for his volunteers while preserving his passion for the successful conservation of the unparalleled biodiversity in Belize.

Willie Caal, Marine Biologist and PADI Dive Instructor


Willie has a lifetime of passion for the ocean.  He has a degree in Nature Resource Management, gained at University of Belize in 2014. Willie is ReefCI’s science coordinator and Marine Biologist. He is a PADI Dive Instructor and responsible for our marine conservation  programs.

Willie worked as a community researcher at Toledo Institute of Development and the Environment (TIDE) and was one of the longest standing and most accomplished member of the team. He was active within the research and monitoring department, regularly taking part in the marine program within the Port Honduras Marine Reserve in Southern Belize, surveying coral, fish, and commercial species.  Willie also worked with the Belize Fisheries Department and Belize Coastal Zone Management in research and monitoring throughout Belize. Willie has been working for ReefCI since August 2015. He is a great asset to our organization; in particular, the development of our invasive Lionfish program.

Willie was born in Punta Gorda in southern Belize. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He comes from a fishing family, his Dad and all his brothers are fishermen; however, Willie has chosen a different path.  He is passionate about the ocean and made a decision to help protect what he loves.


Edwin (Cheeks) Cabrera, Boat Captain


I was born into a humble and hard-working fishing family.  I grew up in the quiet and beautiful town of Punta Gorda, Belize, the eldest of three kids.  I got so attached to the sea life from an early age but fishing was not for me as my interests were in marine conservation and protection of our oceans.  I joined a local NGO which dealt with conservation and enforcement and worked for the Belize Fisheries Department’s law enforcement division for over 10 years.  Throughout my career, I have done a lot of community outreach and am a certified and accredited boat captain by the government of Belize.

I joined ReefCI in March of 2018.  The program and projects are so amazing and I’m grateful to have joined the team. I enjoy seeing groups leave with great happiness in protecting and caring for the ocean and our coral reefs.  The ocean is truly the Jewel of Belize!

Peter Tzub, PADI Divemaster


Peter Tzub is a Mayan from Laguana Village, Belize. Laguna is a Kekchi Maya village located about 10 miles west of Punta Gorda Town in southern Belize. The population is about 300 people. Peter comes from a large family of 5 brothers and 6 sisters.

Peter is currently working as a Divemaster with ReefCI and was hired through ReefCI’s “Work for Reefs Program”.  The program hires and trains local Belizeans in marine conservation professions to create livelihoods to support the culture and traditions of the coastal communities of Belize and promote community-based conservation and management of reefs.

After learning how to scuba dive, Peter fell in love with the marine ecosystem.  He loves diving with sea creatures and doing research and conservation on projects on the reef.  Peter enjoys sharing his knowledge with volunteers and opening their eyes to this fascinating world beneath the waves.  Peter’s goal is to continue his training with ReefCI and become a dive instructor and marine biologist.

Anna Choc, General Staff


Anna Choc was born and raised in the beautiful village of Santa Elena Village.  Santa Elena is a small Mopan Mayan village of about 200 people located in southern Belize’s Toledo District.

Anna is currently working as ReefCI’s housekeeper.  Anna has been trained up to the level of a PADI Advanced Open Water diver and she hopes to continue her dive training with ReefCI.

Anna is a fun and charismatic individual, who loves meeting new people, sharing the beauty of the ocean and promoting reef conservation.  She was hired through ReefCI’s “Work for Reefs Program”.  The program hires and trains local Belizeans in marine conservation professions to create livelihoods to support the culture and traditions of the coastal communities of Belize and promote community-based conservation and management of reefs.

Matt Martin, PADI Dive Instructor

Matt Martin

Matt is a PADI Instructor from Kent, England.  Matt has dived in some amazing places around the world including Egypt, Turkey, Malta, Gozo, and Bahamas.

Matt has been passionate about the natural environment, its protection, and the creatures that inhabit it ever since he can remember. His fascination with the ocean was first noticed at a young age wanting to spend hours at the beach or in the sea.

When Matt is not diving, he is a qualified carpenter and joiner.  His hobbies are watching football, ice skating/ice hockey, traveling, and meeting new friends.

Matilda Ellison, PADI Dive Instructor


Matilda is a PADI Instructor who was born and raised on the east coast of Australia, where she was surrounded by the ocean, falling in love with the marine world from an early age.

Matilda’s insatiable love for animals and passion for conservation led her to South Africa where she worked hand raising and rehabilitating rhinos. It was here she realized the importance of having a proactive and direct approach to protecting the things we love, especially when these things are threatened.

Matilda believes education is a necessary tool in conservation and through sharing her love for the underwater world with her scuba students hopes to encourage them to take positive steps to protect not just our oceans, but all natural environments and their inhabitants.

Mordy Mis, Naturalist and Supervisor


Mordy is a proud Kekchi Mayan from the beautiful village of Laguna in the Toledo district. He was introduced to eco-tourism at a very early age, his parents were a part of the founding members of the Toledo Eco-Tourism Association, a guest house cross-cultural exchange program in Laguna which was started in 1991 and has really come a long way and is still in operation.

Meeting new people and sharing the splendor of our natural resources and emphasizing the importance of conservation has always been Mordy’s passion. Mother Nature and its rich wildlife and biodiversity has always played an integral role in the Mayan culture. He wants to continue to preserve and manage Belize’s natural resources, by inspiring and educating both locals and volunteers and encourage them to be the difference makers. Mordy’s ultimate goal is to leave this world a better place than he found it, by protecting wildlife and promoting biodiversity to ensure we still share it with our future generations.