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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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Feedback from Daniel – April 2013

The accommodations were excellent. Waking up in the cabanas and being right on the beach was very cool, and a very nice sight to wake up to, as well a slight sea breeze blew through which made the nights bearable to sleep through when it was extremely hot. A bonus I was not aware of was that Adrien and Nita cleaned the rooms and did an excellent job.
The meals were fantastic. There wasn’t one meal I came across that I did not like, and that says a lot considering I have a habit of being a finicky eater. As well when it came to something i’ve never eaten before, such as okra, it was prepared and looked so delicious that I had to try it, and I was always glad I did because it was delicious.
I did the PADI open water course and Steven was an amazing instructor. When we got to our open water dives and were with Kayley she as well was an amazing person to be diving with, and very informative.  The rest of the ReefCI team was just as helpful and enthusiastic towards the guests. Snake was an exceptional boat captain and could spot something in the water (Whale sharks, dolphins) before anyone else had any idea why we had changed direction in the boat. Im blanking on a few of the other names, but everyone on the island was in good spirits and seemed to love doing what they were on the island for.
The diving and snorkelling around the island was amazing. Every species of animal on my list that I wanted to see I saw (except for turtles) but I figured I would have had more than just 1 animal left on my list to see, but I don’t. The fact you can swim out as little as 5 meters from the dock and see moray eels, barracudas and jellyfish was astounding.
I don’t know if I can accurately pinpoint what I liked best about my time. Learning to dive was amazing and I have already signed up for the advanced open water course in my hometown, the staff who worked their were fun loving and truly seemed to enjoy and have a passion what what they were doing. The spearing of the lion fish was always a fun time, and slightly addictive. And the other guests who were on the island with me were amazing and we have made connecting friendships that will last, they may dwindle with time, but we will always have the memories of the weeks we spent together that changed all our lives for the better.