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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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ReefCI catch the largest Lionfish in Belize!!!

Its official! ReefCI catch the LARGEST lionfish!

Wow!!! How exciting!! ReefCI are delighted to report that Polly Alford, ReefCI Founder, speared the BIGGEST Lionfish EVER recorded in Belize! This photo shows the beast being measured!! It was a whopping 44cm long and weighed 2.75lbs!!!!!



“Trip of a lifetime!”

 175“Our days were spent diving, snorkelling and fishing and this location is fantastic for all three!!!  We did fish, coral and lobster surveys or lionfish culls on most dives but that was because we wanted to, there’s no pressure if you dont want to! The diving and snorkelling opportunities were amazing, not just on the dive sites which are reached by boat, but also just around the island where even in a couple of metres of water you could spot eagle rays, nurse sharks and turtles.  This was a trip of a lifetime! We hope to come back and see you all one day.” Elisabeth




Polly tells us how she caught the beast!

largest lionfish“I looked down the wall and saw a huge Lionfish staring at me at around 100 feet! I thought to myself, I have to spear that giant!  I speared it just behind its head and it shrugged itself off the spear!!! I speared it again and this time held it down so it couldn’t jump off! When I tried to put it into the bag, it wouldn’t fit!!! It was so big, the only way to get it in the bag, was to put the bag next to its head on the seafloor and maneuver it in. It was like playing twister with a speared Lionfish and bag underwater!!!! I knew that I had landed a very big Lionfish and that it was my personal record, however I had no idea until I checked with The World Lionfish Hunters Association and other organizations that I had speared the biggest recorded Lionfish in Belize.” Polly, ReefCI Founder