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Fill your life with experiences not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. Belize awaits!

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Community Outreach with ReefCI

Community Outreach at TIDE Fish Festival 2013!



ReefCI joined forces with TIDE for the annual TIDE Fish festival and had lots of fun spreading the word about the invasive lionfish!


ReefCI donated free samples of delicious beer battered lionfish!  The general public were encouraged to give feedback on eating and buying Lionfish. The kids had fun participating in colouring competitions and a wordsearch!  And there was a beautiful, innovative selection of lionfish earrings on display and on sale!


It was a great day and a huge success. Team ReefCI also won first prize in the fishing competition, and won an additional prize for catching the most lionfish!!


Check out some photos of the day on our facebook page:



November with ReefCI!


We still have a few places available for November! Escape the cold dark wintry nights and head to Belize for some beautiful sunshine, awesome diving and fun and fabulous people!

November marks the anniversary of the arrival of the Garifuna population in Belize. There are many celebrations and cultural events. The streets come alive with the sound of drumming! On the 16th November, the not to be missed, international Battle of the Drums competition is a high energy, vibrant, cultural evening!

We also have a few openings for Thanksgiving week. How about swopping your turkey dinner for a belizean banquet of fresh fish, lobster and many other local treats!

Email [email protected] for further information or to reserve your place now!!!!


“The entire trip was a blast” Eric 2013

” Multiple dives per day without another diver in sight, unspoiled beauty of the amazing reef, incredible food, etc. etc!!

Everything about this trip was memorable and exciting!

You really felt that your holiday benefited and supported conservation. We saw the benefits for the reef first hand and saw the economic benefits when we visited a restaurant on the mainland (Asha’s Kitchen) which Reef CI supplies with lion fish. Reef CI also has several locals on staff and works hard to use local tour guides for trips.

If you want to focus on diving with a great bunch of people, you can’t do much better than Reef CI. “