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Belize to Triple Marine Protected Areas!


The government of Belize has just recently approved a plan to expand its marine protected areas designated as no-take zones from 4.5 percent to 11.6 percent of its total waters. Much of the expansion will cover deep sea areas at depths ranging from 200 to 3,000 meters (660 to 9,850 feet), currently underrepresented in Belize’s system of marine protected areas, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society.  Now you might be wondering… just was is a Marine Protected Area (MPA)??

What is a Marine Protected Area (MPA)?
An area designated and effectively managed to protect marine ecosystems, processes, habitats, and species, which can contribute to the restoration and replenishment of resources for social, economic, and cultural enrichment.

Why support Marine Protected Area?

  • Maintaining biodiversity and providing refuges for endangered and commercial species
  • Protecting critical habitats from damage by destructive fishing practices and other human activities and allowing them to recover
  • Providing areas where fish are able to reproduce, spawn and grow to their adult size
  • Building resilience to protect against damaging external impacts, such as climate change
  • Helping to maintain local cultures, economies, and livelihoods which are intricately linked to the marine environment

Your visit is supporting a Marine Protected Area!

Reef Conservation International works in the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Park Reserve on our various conservation projects.  Join us and experience a MPA!!

Reef Conservation Island in the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Park Reserve, Belize