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The 5 Best Ideas For Stopping the Lionfish Invasion


Thirty years after their accidental introduction, the venomous lionfish has conquered the Atlantic, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico wreaking havoc on ecosystems up and down the coast. Unlike in its native Pacific habitats, there are few natural predators here to keep this invasive species in check. So the lionfish has expanded voraciously, gobbling up other reef fish and mollusks and attacking commercially important species like grouper and snapper.

Here are the 5 best ideas for stopping the invasive lionfish.

  1. Hunt Them!  Divers Needed
  2. Eat Them!  They taste like chicken
  3. Train Sharks to Eat Them!  Yes this is a real thing
  4. Stop Importing Them!  Ban lionfish as aquarium imports
  5. Smartphone App!  Divers report sightings

Source: Vox News.  Read more about how you can help here.