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Land-Based Pollution in our Oceans and How You Can Help


Many serious coral reef ecosystem stressors originate from land-based sources, most notably toxins, sediments, and nutrients. These pollutants drain from our streams and rivers and eventually drain to our oceans.  The source of these pollutants often comes from hundreds of miles away inland.  So even if you don’t live near the ocean your actions directly affect coral reefs!


How can I protect coral reef ecosystems and keep the ocean cleaner?

  • DO NOT use fertilizers and pesticides on your lawn
  • Pick up after your pets
  • DO NOT dump paint, oil, antifreeze, debris, or other household chemicals into street gutters or storm drains
  • Clean up spilled brake fluid, oil, grease, and antifreeze
  • Maintain proper septic system function with inspections and pump outs every 3-5 years

The world truly is interconnected and what you do in your own little corner effects the great place we all call home.