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Overfishing and Coral Reefs


Coral reef ecosystems support important commercial, recreational, and subsistence fishery resources around the world.  Fishing also plays a central social and cultural role in many island and coastal communities, where it is often a critical source of food and income.

The impacts from unsustainable fishing on coral reef areas can lead to the depletion of key reef species in many locations. Such losses often have a ripple effect, not just on the coral reef ecosystems themselves, but also on the local economies that depend on them. Additionally, certain types of fishing gear can inflict serious physical damage to coral reefs, seagrass beds, and other important marine habitats.

How you can help?

  • Make sustainable seafood choice. Learn more:
  • Only take what you need. Catch and release fish that you don’t plan to eat.
  • Be a responsible aquarium owner. Know where your fish come from and DO NOT release unwanted fish into the wild – no lionfish!