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Hope in a Sea of Plastic!


What can be done about all this plastic in our oceans?  Is there a way to cleanup the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?  There is hope!  The world’s largest ocean cleanup is now underway in the Pacific Ocean, aiming to collect up to 150,000 pounds of trash in its first year and eventually tackle the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit, deployed its ambitious $20 million system this September from the San Francisco Bay for several weeks of testing before it’s officially set into motion. The project placed a 2,000-foot unmanned floating boom into the water, designed to curve into the shape of a U as it’s pushed by the currents, and like ‘Pac-Man’ eat up trash and hold it inside its structure. Within five years the organization hopes to clean half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

How can you help?  You can donate to great non-profit organizations like Ocean Cleanup or by simply following the practical steps below to minimize your environmental impact.