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Climate Change: Effects on Belize and the Reef


Belize is a low-lying coastal country, it is extremely vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters, climate change, and economic devastation that follows, which have been more frequent and severe in the last few years. Belize is also economically dependent on natural resources, thus sea level rises and temperature changes impact its natural ecosystems, agricultural systems and other sectors such as tourism and fisheries. One of the impacts of climate change that is easily seen in Belize is the increased incidences and types of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, coral bleaching, and decrease in natural and human ecosystems functions. As a cross-cutting issue, climate change has worsened the impact of natural disasters and is a cause of poverty in Belize, particularly due to the destruction of property, accessibility to clean water, food (crops) and homes, affecting disadvantaged families the most.

Please implore your legislative representatives to address the issue of climate change.  Although individual actions are important and do make a difference, what is needed is governmental action plans to combat the three largest contributors to climate change – burning fossil fuels for electricity, car emissions, large scale factory farming.  Democracy can be the solution if we the people are an engaged and active citizenry.