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Species Spotlight: The Barracuda

a fish swimming under water

Barracudas have a fearsome reputation but these cold-blooded fish don’t exactly live to terrorize divers or swimmers; these scaly predators prefer to spend their days hunting fish, not humans. There are 28 different species of barracuda and they are found in tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide.

Below are 5 interesting facts about Barracudas.

Supreme Predator:  Barracudas can act as an ambush predator that attacks using the factor of surprise. When there is no place to hide, barracuda will chase its prey actively.

Alone and in the Dark:  Barracudas are a nocturnal animal and prefer a solitary life.

Speed Merchant:  Barracudas can swim at the speed of 25 miles per hour. This feature is useful both for hunting and for escape from predators.

All that Glitters:  Shiny objects attract barracudas’ attention. Because of that, barracuda usually hunts fish with golden or silver scales.

Always a Bigger Fish:  Even though barracudas are one of the greatest predators in the ocean, killer whales and sharks prey on barracudas.

a fish swimming under water