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Still in Denial?


According to National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration scientists this year’s Atlantic hurricane season is the most active on record since they have been tracking storms over the past 169 years.  This makes 2020 officially the worst year ever with a worldwide pandemic and tropical storm after storm pummeling the Caribbean, Central America, and the USA.

We have 30 named storms this season, breaking the previous record of 28 back in 2005.  In fact, for only the second time in history, the Greek alphabet was used for the remainder of the season.  In the month of September, there were 5 active storms in the Atlantic at the same time!

a large waterfall over a wave

Climate change is an undeniable reality that is having real world consequences.  World leaders must act and it is up to everyday citizens to vote for leaders that will address climate change.  We have the power to bring about the change we desire but it requires that we vote for leaders who embrace science!